How to warm up before a WORKOUT

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Be kind to your body. I'm sharing how to warm routine to get the body ready for exercise. Every move will warmup before the main component of your workout raises your body temperature and increase blood flow to the working muscles. Doing this may help reduce cramps, muscle soreness and also reduces the risk of injury hence its importance. Add the below exercises to your warmup routine:

The Routine: 30 Seconds On Each Exercise

Jumping JacksSlow or Fast Mountain Climbers Walk outsLunge and twist


Great plyometric exercise for raising your heart rate. Also, a great total body exercise that you can do almost anywhere.

Working Areas:

Hip FlexorsShoulder MusclesHeartLungs


This exercise gets your heart rate up fast while also working nearly every muscle group in the body. Honestly a great total body exercise to add to your warmup routine.

Working Areas:

Heart and LungsDeltoidsTricepsAbdominal muscles


Great exercise for improving strength and flexibility in not just your core but particularly in the shoulders. Make sure your keep strong elbows during this exercise; do not allow them to bend.

Working Areas:

Abdominal muscles DeltoidsHamstringsTricepsHeart and Lungs


This is a great exercise that not only targets your core but it’s great for building lower body strength. Performing this exercise activates your quads as well as glutes and core improving balance. This exercise can be done with or without a medicine ball.

Working Areas:


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