Be Happy In Your Own Skin | Accept Where You Are | Good Diet & Exercising Isn't Just For Weight Loss

It's 11:33pm and I'm still studying. Think I'm going to schedule this blogs for 2pm tomorrow but guys I want some feedback from more of you. Let me know if you're enjoying these blogs and the way I write because I mentioned in my previous blogs, I write as I learn and not in a formal / robotic way but in an informal style of writing so that way it flows like a conversation (Just me doing all the talking). So!! On to the topic that I haven't decided yet (Yes, the title blank right now).

One of the key elements of a healthful diet is selecting food that meets nutrient needs for growth and health while keeping calorie intake in line with calorie needs. By obtaining nutrients from foods rather than through supplements you also get the benefits of phytochemical (Compounds that are produced by plants) and other naturally occurring chemicals which reduces risk of chronic diseases and promote good health. So as a guide, consume nutrient dense foods and beverages within the basic food groups. Also, choose foods that limit for intake of saturated and transfer, cholesterol, added sugars, alcohol... Basically tone it down on the processed food.

As we all know, excess body fat poses a risk for chronic diseases such as, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes. Ideally we should all aim to achieve and maintain a weight that optimises our health.

To maintain body weight in a health range, balance the calories consumed from food and beverages with calories you use. To prevent gradual gain over time, make small decreases in calories and increase your physical activity because exercise is an important factor in weight control and overall fitness.

Let me tell you something because everyone tends to missunderstand information about calories, losing weight, burning fat and looking good. First of all, when you start your fitness journey, you first and I say this a lot, need to be happy in your body and accept where you are because a lot of people think losing weight will make them happy and when they lose all that weight on the scale, they are still unhappy because majority of the time, they don't look good because most of the time people do it too excessively by getting into an ultimate restricted diet; cutting everything in sight. Anyways! please be happy with yourself because the outcome of weight loss or fat loss doesn't necessarily mean you'll be happy. Sometimes you may not even be happy with how you look in the end.

So what do I focus on you ask... It's totally up to you and also depends on your current body composition. For someone who has a lot of body fat, yes focus on a healthy number on the scale but for someone with a decent amount of body fat, focus on body recomposition. This is where you start working meticulously on changing the shape of your body; getting that curve, shaping up those arms, tightening those abs etc. However, understand that this will take time. It won't happen overnight; be patient. If you study or research of a lot of these "Fitness Influencers", they didn't get the body they have overnight. They have been training for years (2-3, maybe 4 years). I have been training for almost 4 years to get to where I am and even now I have to continue working hard.

Exercise doesn't just help with weight loss. The reason why I promote being active and working progressively is not just because I want you to burn fat. Exercises can help lower risks of chronic disease and improving our emotional well-being. How many of you workout or go to the gym when you're not feeling well emotionally / mentally?

In summary, you can improve your diet by improving your current food and lifestyle choices. For example, substitute whole wheat bread for white bread. By doing this, you will easily increase your daily fibre intake. Choosing more fruits and vegetables and exercising regularly is also an option. So at the end, I ended up talking about another importance of making healthy food choices, being happy and accepting yourself as you are now and understanding that if you are committed to your goals, its only temporary and exercising for weight loss shouldn't be the only goal because there are further benefits such as reducing risk of chronic diseases and improving our emotional well-being. I will talk about the relationship between exercise and mental well-being in another blog but for now, thanks for making it this far on this blog. I really hope this makes sense because I don't plan to write I just write as I feel and as I learn.

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