Give Yourself Permission To Relax

Daily experience has taught me that when it comes to relaxation, some of us don’t get any (Me especially) but this lock down has given me a chance to plan my day properly and prioritise time to relax and switch off. ‎ ‎

If I’m honest, this has really changed a number of things for me in a positive way but I’ll get to the benefits later on. So here I am giving you some advice based on my experience: Give Yourself Permission To Relax daily. Make this as high priority as everything else you make time for.

Most times it’s our lack of structure and time management that causes us to be all of over the place, not giving us time to switch off (I’m speaking from experience). For me personally the benefits of Giving Myself Time To To Relax Includes: ‎ - Reduced feelings of stress

- Improved ability to cope - Better Concentration

- More balanced outlook

- More restorative sleep ‎

There are more potential gains / benefits to relaxing but I think that might depend on you and your lifestyle. Give Yourself Permission To Relax and let me know what benefits you get from it.

Tony Enwezor.

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