HIIT and LIIT - Is One Better Than The Other?

In April, Zone 247 released a new no equipment bodyweight HIIT workout. A 30 days home workout plan that incorporate High and Low Impact moves and also the option of using in house equipments like backpacks and water bottles.

While we are on this topic, should we breakdown the definition of HIIT and its benefits?


So the term HIIT is nothing new to everyone. We all know that it stands for High Intensity Interval Training but what is it really? (Rhetorical question... Don't worry) HIIT breaks up your workout into 2 phases (Work and Rest Phases). During the working phase, you perform the prescribed or chosen exercises at your maximum and depending on the type of HIIT workout, the time period it's usually between 20 - 60 seconds. For example, this could be doing a jump squat for 30 seconds and then resting for 30 seconds before moving on to the next exercise.

What are some common HIIT exercises?

In general, when it comes to HIIT, its just about going all out doing as many repetitions as you can of each exercise in the working phase and it can include any type of exercise from cardio, strength, plyometric or using bodyweight.

Who is HIIT for?

Anyone can do HIIT because there is no set amount of reps of exercise required to perform. You just do as many reps as you can in the set time period.

What are the Benefits?

HIIT training can help with the improvement of your cardio and muscle endurance as well as maximising your fat burning capability. The best thing as well that HIIT Training provides and this is a big thing for those of that don't like training for too long is that you don't have to workout for an hour to get results. Zone 247 online classes usually run for 30 - 40 minutes (Warm up and cool down included).

LIIT (Low Impact Interval Training)

Not as popular as HIIT as it is Low Impact. Just because it's low impact, people tend to think its "too easy and boring to do". Believe me when I say I have taught LIIT Classes and they can be just as tough (Start your 7 day free trial). One thing I like to say during classes "The workout / exercise is only as hard or easy as you make it" because the easiest movement when done at your maximum, can be super effective. At the end of the day, it is about using as much energy as you can isn't it? So let us break it down shall we?

What is LIIT?

LIIt is a low intensity, safe and very effective way to burn body fat and stimulate muscle growth. Still the same as HIIT in terms of working and resting phases however, loads and forces of the movement performed is reduced to have a lower impact on your joint.

Who is LIIT for?

LIIT is usually for people that might problems in their joints (wrists, knees etc). LIIT can be done by all fitness levels however but it's mainly for people recovering from injuries or need to minimise the risk of injury while being active.

Common LIIT Exercises

Where HIIT involves plyometric movements such as burpees or squat jumps, LIIT moves doesn't allow that so instead of jump squat, it might be just a normal squat or sitting down and standing up (Box squat) again any movement that removes injury or joint discomfort

What are the benefits?

Get the most out of your workout without stressing your joints or causing injuries.

Summary: Which is better? Is one better than the other?

Personally, I believe LIIT and HIIT can push your muscles and your heart to work as hard as possible. The two main difference between both training is the removal of plyometric movements in LIIT.

We all know that plyometric exercises in HIIT can improve power and Strength in explosive movements such as jumping. This is why most athletes mostly focus on plyometric training (Basketball players, sprinters and football players).

The down side to plyometric training is the risk of injury. it is definitely not for those with existing conditions in their joints or spine.

With Zone 247 online classes, your trainer Tony Enwezor will give you the best of both worlds - Mixing HIIT and LIIT bodyweight movements into highly effective bodyweight workouts and offering low impact modifications for any HIIT exercises

So if you want to workout at home and get the best results, join Tony today in his online classes and Start Your 7 Days Free Trial.

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