How To Get Rid Of Arm Fat?

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Today I will be giving my own personal opinion on this. This is one question that I hear people ask all the time as people want to get rid of excess body fat there the most. When I ask people to tell me what their fitness goals are or their reason for training, they start to mention all the places they want to lose body fat and arm fat or “flabby arm” as they call it, seems to be the most common area people want to work on.

One of the biggest myths is that you can lose body fat in a specific area just by exercising and targeting that specific body part. Unfortunately, that is not true. What people need to understand is that anytime you lose body fat, it can come off from anywhere even if it is a pound or two pounds of body fat. It can off from your face, neck, bum or shoulders. We cannot dictate where your body decides to oxidise body fat, nor can we change fat into muscles

Doing Triceps dips is not going to automatically burn body fat in that specific area nor is doing crunches going to burn body fat in your stomach. Therefore, the best way to lose body fat is to combine a HEALTHY DIET and EXERCISE REGULARLY.

Another thing I need people to understand and I’m sure this has been said a number of times. Losing weight is a demonstration of energy balance; In order to lose weight, you need to be on a calorie deficit. To attain that, you either need to eat less or burn more calories than you take in by moving, exercising, getting up and doing something.

Thanks for reading my second blog. I hope you this has been a little bit beneficial. Please ask me any questions related to health, fitness and wellness and I will be sure to answer it in my next few blog posts.

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