Lets talk about tracking your progress

Hello everyone! It's me again. Before I continue, I just want to say that there are a lot of new people! My phone has been pinging off with lots of people downloading my fitness programs, visiting my website, signing up to my online class, outdoor training and purchasing my latest merch (Zone 247 Booty Band) which if you haven't purchased, place your order now before we are completely sold out. I'm really grateful for the fact that you guys have taken the time to navigate my website so thank you. I appreciate all of you.

Ok lets move on... A lot of you are enjoying my blogs which is cool and have given me permission to be informal so I don't sound too much like a robot so for the new subs, can I be informal? Let me know.

Right I'm going to keep this blog short and simple. Lets talk about the benefits of tracking your progress whether it being fitness or business:

  • Reviewing and tracking goals / progress acts as a very good motivator. Personally I think whether it's good progress or no progress, it should motivate you to push yourself more because you will eventually reach your goal as you work hard each day, week and month.

  • Tracking your progress makes you aware of your path to your goal. It gets you thinking, am I doing the right thing in order to reach my goal? If yes, then continue and keep putting the work in. If no, then change something.

Now lets talk about ways in which you can track your progress...

#1 - Scales (Weighing yourself)

This is a common progress tracker and 100% the best way to track how much weight you have lost or gain but take into consideration I said weight not fat. The number on the scale is not an indicator of how much body fat you have but if your goal is to decrease on increase in number on the scale, you can work on that to an extent. Understand that sometimes your body will not allow you to scale down to a certain number due to your body type or composition so in this case maybe focus your goal on the next way of progress.

#2 - Progress Pictures

Pictures provide a visual representation of changes in your physical appearance and confirms the consistent work you have been putting in is paying off. Now as you all know, this doesn't happen in weeks or months or OVERNIGHT. It takes time.

#3 - Tape Measurement

With this you can see where you are losing inches and continue to track it. This I find to be very motivating for some. If you didn't know, get to know now that you can not decide where body fat dioxides. Meaning, you can not decide where you want your body to burn fat. It comes off anywhere and everywhere and can't be targeted so doing these measurements to see some improvement can be great motivation to press on even when there is no improvement. Personally I tend to get more motivated to push harder when things don't go my way because I like a challenge and the feeling of accomplishing something that bugged me... Maybe its just me?

#4 - Record your routine

So I have talked about this many times and I finally found a quote that makes it simple to understand what I preach. "Next level result requires next level work" - This means your workout has to be progressive. This is where recording your workout on paper or note book comes in handy. There is nothing wrong with doing the same workout over and over again. It's just wrong when you do it with the same intensity. The intensity has to be high!! I change my workouts for my clients to keep them interested and not bored but understand this, the workouts get difficult every week.

I could say more but I will leave it for another time. Maybe a part 2 but thank you so much for reading guys!! Make sure to sign up for my live classes if you haven't and place an order for your bands If you haven't!!

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Have an amazing evening all,


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