Taking a Walk and Working Out: The Difference and Importance

For the majority of you that have been training with me, you know much I talk about putting in the work and working out even when you don't see me because that's when it really counts. You all know I promote working out more than non exercise activities such as walking and house chores. This is why I provided you all with workout plans that I upload every week / month; to make sure you have all the tools needed to get to that goal weight and achieve that physique you are looking for. Now before I proceed with this blog, Im not saying you should stop walking or doing house chores or even to stop working out as much. I want you to understand that a combination of both types of activities is essential for your goal from losing weight to getting lean enough to seeing that muscle definition. Let me explain.

Non Physical Activity Thermogenesis (NEAT)

Some of you may have heard of this. If not, let me explain; NEAT is the energy expended for everything we do when we are not sleeping or exercising for example, walking the dog, mowing the lawn, fidgeting after a strong cup of coffee or even walking upstairs to your room. They all burn calories.

It is possible to to lose weight by doing this and in my opinion only if you track your calories meticulously (Intake and expenditure). Knowing how much calories you are taking in, meeting the requirements of your body and creating a deficit by just walking or moving will result in slow and gradual weight loss. Now if that is your goal, just to see the numbers gradually drop on the scales then keep doing this but the cons is that after a while of doing this, like every other activities, your body will quickly get use to doing just that and guess what, you hit a plateau which means you now have to progress and how do you progress from such activities? By actually working out!! This is why I promote working out more than just moving and I will explain why soon.

I only recommend NEAT to people with sedentary occupations as they are always on their desk so I suggest getting their steps up to make sure their body is using up the calories from their breakfast and lunch. Even so, I suggest making time for a proper workout and here's why.

Activity Thermogenesis

This is energy expended while exercising. Now why do I promote this more? Because as well as the goal of losing body fat, we all have a goal of changing our physique. Now its obvious that working burns more calories than NEAT because a lot of the exercises done, requires a lot of energy. That's the thing! We need to use more energy in order to create a deficit for fat burn but that isn't the only benefit.

Depending on the type of exercises you are doing, you get the following benefits -

  • Fat loss

  • Lean muscle growth

  • Increase in general fitness

But in order to achieve this, you need to workout and not just twice a week. Sadly, that doesn't do much as you need to put in the work... More and more and more work!!

Have you heard of the saying "Enough action creates results"? Well the same principle applies here. Enough working out (Action) creates results and these workouts needs to be progressive as stimulating your muscles with the same stress is not really going to challenge it. This is why I promote creating time to workout so much that I make these weekly / monthly workout plans for you and giving you the basic nutrition principles to achieve your goal.

Knowledge is not power guys. It's the application of knowledge that is power. Please ask me any questions via text or social media and make sure you stick to achieving your goals meticulously.

One important thing when it comes to your fitness journey is be patient and know that its not about working hard to decrease the numbers on the scales, its about doing your absolute best to make sure that you feel good physically and mentally. Focus on those physical changes rather than scale changes. It'll take time but you will get there.

On that note, I will leave you with this...

Rome wasn't built in a day.

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