The Mistakes I Made When I Started Training

Hi everyone, its been a while since I blogged. I want to try to do this as much as possible maybe for those that like reading and to also keep doing the YouTube vlogs so that you all can keep up with me as the business grows.

Before I start, I just want to thank you all for being a part of Zone 247 and signing to classes, outdoor training etc. I promise really soon, there's more to come. Because of you all, I am able to grow this brand and I am so grateful. If you checked your email this morning you would see that I have set a challenge for July and I want everyone to take part. I want to do this every month so we can all achieve our goals together and you have more incentive to winning as well.

Lets get back to the blog shall we! Also, is it ok if I blog this way? it feels informal but I feel like we can have a conversation this way and I might also open a forum for discussion on this website. I want everyone to be able to communicate with me and each other as much as possible.

Back to the blog. So, believe it or not, your trainer was once a newbie. I wasn't born with amazing fitness and a decent body (can I lol?). I had to put in the next level work in order to get the result that I currently have and I'm still pushing for more but when I was a newbie I made so many mistakes... So many!

Mistake #1 - My Form

My form in a lot of exercises was horrendous. A lot of ego lifting and half reps took place when I was newbie because I though the more weights you swing around the more muscles you would have which is logically and technically true but I was literally swinging weights around which means there was no muscle activation or contraction ... Well there was minimal because I did gain a little but imagine I knew about techniques such as time under tension, actually engaging the muscle for maximal contraction; My newbie gains would have been amazing!! But no, horrendous form and ego lifting was my first mistake. Moral of the story here is never comprise your form when lifting. If the weight is too heavy, decrease it. Allow your body to get used to load before you pick up or heavier weight or at least teach your body how to be aware of the form so that when you pick up that heavy weight to progress the next week, your body remembers how to lift safely to avoid injuries.

Mistake #2 - Nutrition

This one right here is key! You know the saying... "You can't out train a bad diet"... Yes, I didn't know about that. I ate whatever I wanted and trained. I got bigger biceps, chest, broad back but my abs were non existent because I didn't know anything about knowing my required calories for the day and factoring my PA Level (Physical Activity Level). With the outcome I just described, its obvious that I was on a calorie surplus - taking in more calories than my body required. I failed to do some research about nutrition and learning about how much calorie my body required in order to survive and how to feed it just enough to get the physique I wanted. The earlier you start to learn about nutrition the better it is for you and easier because nutrition is everything here. A lot of people prioritise supplements over food and if I asked them why, they wouldn't be able to give me an answer. I'm not saying supplements are bad but you need to be able to confidently say why you are using supplements instead of food. Supplement is basically supplement for food. Majority of the supplements people are taking nowadays, those macros and micronutrients that provide the results you are looking for are in the food you eat. Some micros and macros you can't find in certain food in which case you supplement for ... Supplement products. The moral of this mistake here is to do your research and speak to your trainer regarding nutrition, meeting your calorie target etc. GET SOME INFORMATION!! Knowledge is power and the application of knowledge is next level powerful. Research on nutrition will allow you to know what's in your food. You would be surprised.

Mistake #3 - Chicken and rice

(Can I lol?) I am laughing thinking about this. Ok so when I started researching and watching bodybuilders and how they diet, I though chicken and rice was the way. No!! I was suffering; I got sick of it. To keep this short and simple guys, please enjoy your food, cook and don't stick to chicken and rice. Look at it as a guide to what you can have. Chicken works because its protein; to repair and grow the muscle. Now think what else is protein? Fish, eggs, steak etc. Mix it up, look for recipes! Rice is carbohydrate and a lot of people tend to think rice is bad and the enemy. I assure you it is not. Carbohydrate allows you to train harder as it gives you energy. Carbs don't make you gain weight; taking in too much calories does. What I am trying to say here is there is no need to have plain food. Your fitness journey is to be enjoyed not dreaded.

And with that being said I hope you have enjoyed part 1 of my mistakes? I will talk on this later on and do a part 2 but because I'm so busy training you all I can't sit here typing too long. Thank you all for reading. Please feel free to share. Have a lovely day... Tony

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