The Only Apps I've Needed For My Fitness Journey...

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Now I understand for everyone, this might be a little bit different but personally I like to keep things simple so that I can enjoy the process rather than stress about it. I use to be spontaneous when I started but I found that as I learned a lot about becoming my best self physically, routine is 100% needed and not just any routine... I'm talking about progressive routines. So I am briefly going to talk you through... read you through... I don't know just keep reading (Insert laughing face). So here are my two favourite fitness apps.

#1 - My Fitness Pal

A lot of you know about this app and its major pros and cons. For one, it can be highly addictive in an unhealthy way where the user is very obsessed with how many grams or ounce of water they put into their cups. My bad I forgot to tell you what this app does. So this app allows you to track your calories and gives you an insight to what you are eating in terms of your macro and micronutrients. Some scan the food and it gives you a reading of what's in the food and you honestly input the portion, size or grams of food you have eaten. So do you understand why I said this can be highly addictive in an unhealthy way? I don't like to recommend using this app all the time but for the reason of discipline, I give suggestions. I used this app until I learned and understood what I was putting in my body and portions that worked and didn't work for me. Rather than using it for the rest of my life I used it to educate myself on how my body works and the fuel it requires to live depending also on my activity level. So I would recommend this app for that reason

#2 - Interval Timer

I bet you were expecting me to give you a really special app (insert laughing face) but like I said I like to keep things simple. Even up till today I still use this app to train most of you and its very effective as it keeps you focus on when to start, stop and rest. This app is basically my personal trainer (insert laughing face) which is why it was the only app I needed. So you must be wondering why I have so the amount of muscles I have doing interval training... I will explain that in another blog but for now!! I hope you are enjoying these short blogs. The aim here is to educate in an informal and not a robotic way and I hope this works for those that like to read as I will only be blogging twice a week now. I find that vlogging is cool but too much time editing.

Thank you all for reading and supporting. New merchandise on the way.

I love you all,


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