Tips and Tricks to Stay Busy at Home

It's safe to say many of us are at home at the moment and might be a little bit use to being at home now. For others, things might be a little bit different as you may be missing "Normality". To be honest, I feel everyone is missing that including me but then again, I'm not overly stressed. I guess again my circumstance are a bit different to others - some of you have major responsibilities such as kids etc so I understand staying at home can be quite tough.

I'm going to pass on my tips and tricks to staying busy at home. Here we go!!

#1. Keep Your Work Space.... Your Work Space

For those of you working at home, don't just work anywhere at home; have a work space JUST FOR WORK. Anywhere else could cause you to be distracted and lose your sanity keeping you from getting things done for work. Get yourself away from the anything chaotic in the house (This will be very helpful for video conferencing and you will find it easier to concentrate and get through your work to-do list.)

Finally, try to keep your files and notes organised (Even your home).... Tidy home, tidy mind...

#2. Routine Is Key

Planning your day makes a whole lot of difference. Imagine starting your day not knowing what you are going to do first.... Good lord!! Even thinking about that right now is making my head spin!! If I didn't have a routine or a plan of what I would be doing in the day, I think I wouldn't be making it to any of my online classes. I would have a lot of people waiting and THAT! ladies and gentlemen is not good.

Having a great morning routine is so important I believe. I'll take you through mine:

  • Wake up

  • Pray

  • Read my bible

  • Workout

  • Look at my calendar (I plan my day the night before)

  • Respond or send emails / Respond to clients

  • Online Classes while getting on with my to do list

As you can see, none of these things involve staring at my phone and scrolling through social media. Why? Because, you can easily lose track of time and get distracted - resulting to not getting things done. Get things done then maybe see what other people are doing with their time on social media. Sounds harsh but it's real.

#3. Find Time To Exercise

Now more than ever we are all looking for ways to get fit and health but luckily for us we live in a time of amazing technological innovation and platforms such as this where you can access online classes and guess what, If you are new to this platform, you get a 7 day free trial so what are you waiting for? Book In Now!!

Not only will exercising keep you and your family fit, but all those endorphins will do wonders for your mental health too.

With that being said, I hope this has been helpful. I may do a part 2 to this as there are many more tips in my sleeves!!

Have a wonderful day readers and hope to see you in the classes.

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