I know you are thinking "Recycle". Why recycle? Well this isn't a program that you just use for 3 phases and that's it. This is a reusable program meaning, once you're done with phase 3, you start again. 


I made this 3 phase because i would like to think i understand my audience enough to know that doing the same workout routine for a long period of time can be extremely boring. So i made sure each pahse consists of different workout routines and approaches that aligns with the desired result of building.


Speaking of building, lets not forget the most important aspect of every fitness journey. Your nutrition. As you all know, you can not out train a bad diet so i included within this guide the basic nutritional info needed to reach your the goal. I also went as far as to include information on how to calculate your calorie based on your physical activity level. This guide gives you everything you need to achieve your goal and please don't forget that i am one direct message away from helping you if you need via social media (I will try to respond as soon as i can).


With the workouts, you also get a video demo if you are unsure of what each exercises are or how to do it.


Work hard, be patient and most importantly, BE CONSISTENT.

Build (Nutrition Info Included)

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